Power Steering Service

The importance of servicing your power steering by flushing out and replacing the fluid regularly.

Power steering fluid/oil should be replaced every 12 months, yet the period maintenance schedules that come with new vehicles do not even list this! This is one cause of power system failure and why so many owners are having to pay for expensive power steering replacements and rebuilds. If they instead get their mechanic to flush out and replace the power steering oil every 12 months, it would save them a lot of money and inconvenience in the long run.

For the cost of the power steering fluid (1 to 3 litres, depending on the amount of flushing required due to neglect and wear) and 30 minutes of labour for the flush and fluid replacement, your power steering will perform at it’s peak for much longer. It’s amazing how neglected this service is within the auto industry.

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